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High-Tech, Kevlar-Clad House Transforms to Avoid Disasters

High-Tech, Kevlar-Clad House Transforms to Avoid Disasters

A prototype, to be sure, but what a beautiful design and brilliant idea. A combination of formal choices and built-in technologies recognize the awesome power of nature, and attempt to adapt to rather than defy environmental conditions on the ground (or in the sky).

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Dinner Party Without a Table = Better Guest Conversations?

Dinner parties are a traditional way to introduce acquaintances to one another, but the main element of the dinner party is its biggest hindrance: the table itself. Closer is a project from Marco A. Guadarrama that seeks to bring people physically nearer to one another while they mingle.

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Hide + Seek Champ: RFID Tracker is a Remote Bloodhound

Hide + Seek Champ: RFID Tracker is a Remote Bloodhound

If you’re one of those people who regularly misplace your keys, your TV remote, your wallet and anything else that’s small enough to disappear, you need a way to keep track of your stuff. The Finder is an RFID location device that uses a transparent touchscreen device and a sheet of locator stickers to help you find all of your little lost things. Just peel a sticker off of the sheet and stick it onto your stuff, then the handheld device can tell you just where it is.

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Shoot! Slingshot Cam Lets You Catch Friends Looking Scared

Shoot! Slingshot Cam Lets You Catch Friends Looking Scared

Who says candid pictures always have to be nice? Wouldn’t it be more fun to catch your friends’ faces at their most startled? You definitely would accomplish that with the Sling Shot Camera. As you can infer from the name, it looks just like a slingshot – but instead of flinging spitballs or pebbles with the elastic string you can snap hilarious portraits of your friends looking surprised.

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Let’s Go Fly a Trike: Awesome Scooter/Glider Concept

Let’s Go Fly a Trike: Awesome Scooter/Glider Concept

One of the reasons that activities like skydiving and paragliding are so popular is that humankind has been trying to fly since the first time one of us saw a bird take off. What an amazing feeling it is to zoom through the air, heart pounding, while watching the ground so far away below. The ParaMoto Trike concept is a whimsical kind of vehicle that would let you zip through the sky and then zip around on the streets once you land.

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14 Film Dengan Ending Yang Tak Terduga

SEBUAH film tak hanya bisa menghibur lewat cerita lucu, adegan actiontingkat tinggi,serta kisah dramatis penuh haru. Jalan cerita yang ”menipu”seringnya malah menjadi sesuatu yang ditunggu.
Kita biasa menyebutnya twist ending. Twist ending dapat disebut sebagai akhir cerita film yang terjadi di luar perkiraan penonton.Bisa juga dikatakan bahwa film itu menggiring penonton untuk memiliki opini atau pendapat tertentu soal jalan cerita film, sebelum sutradara memutarbalikkan kesimpulan itu di akhir. Hasilnya? Terkejut.Nah,film-film apakah yang memiliki twist endingterbaik?

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Hal-Hal Konyol di Belahan Dunia

1.ini yang disebut Rumah Instan

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