Hobbit-Hole Duplex Dug Out from a Hurricane-Crafted Dune

Hobbit-Hole Duplex Dug Out from a Hurricane-Crafted Dune

Natural forces shaped the foundation of what would later become a dynamic underground duplex, in the form of a 1960s hurricane that piled up a dune on a piece of (nearly) beach-front property owned, naturally, by a rather creative architect.

When William Morgan went to create a pair of rental properties/guest rooms a decade later, he chose to burrow down rather than build up something new.

Part organic, part retro-futuristic, and part mid-century modern (inside, that is), the residences defy simple description from their shapes and material palettes down to furnishings and decor. Nor are the images either old or new – some vintage shots also still exist of the building interior and context back when it was constructed:

A front-facing living room along each side looks out on the water, while a lofted bedroom and bathroom are tucked up behind for greater privacy. The green roof and walls on all sides provide natural warming and cooling buffers as well.

At over a million a piece, they are not for sale cheap, but it can hard to put a price on unique vintage works like these anyway. The downside: surrounding houses tower a tad over these little humps in the ground – but then again, at least there is no way to look down in.

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