Hector The Creepy Crawly Spider Robot

Everyone loves robots. Not everyone loves spiders. This might leave you uncertain over this product, which comes courtesy of the University of Bielefeld’s Department of Biological Cybernetics. Named HECTOR, (obviously an acronym for HExapod Cognitive auTonmously Operating Robot), this spider-like robot measures in at approximately one meter in length and is 12 kilograms in weight. 13 percent of this weight belongs to the exoskeleton, with joints on its legs allowing the robot to move somewhat creepily like a spider.

I’m not sure why the University chose to base the robot on an arachnid that tends to creep out the majority of society. Maybe exactly that, to creep people out. Spiders, personally, make my skin crawl, and if I were to develop a robot, basing it on a spider wouldn’t even enter my thoughts! Having said that, any robot always manages to impress me – mostly due to the fact that I remember seeing various ideas for robots when I was younger on TV and always wondered if they would ever become a reality (showing my age here!). With this spider robot I’m not entirely sure what its main purpose is. It’s certainly too conspicuous to be used as a spy gadget. Perhaps if it were reduced to the size of a real spider, that would do the trick, though it would probably be trapped under a glass or stamped on within minutes.

What next, a robot bird that flies through the air before crashing into something and exploding or a robot fish that can swim through the ocean, only to be swallowed by a giant shark? What uses could you see for this mechanical creepy crawly and what other silly robot ideas can you come up with? Let us know in the comments!

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